1. Today at the 9.30 mass we use the Athanasian Creed. This is the third of the Creeds used in the Anglican Church, but rarely used. The two others, the Apostles and Nicene, are the ecumenical creeds, that is, part of our inheritance with the wider Church, including the Roman Catholic and Orthodox.
  2. This Sunday we have a display of all our green vestments, the colour used at mass for the normal days. Green is used in our tradition like the colour of the world, green grass from which the colours of the saints (red, white and blue) grow forth. We have on display a variety of chasuble styles.
  3. The Adelaide Benefit Concert Choir presents “Neighbours Near and Far” A Concert to support the Bush Church Aid Society and Anglican Board of Mission through the Christ Church North Adelaide Mission Fund Sunday 23 June 2019 2.30 – 4.30 pm Christ Church Anglican Church 35 Palmer Place North Adelaide Cost: $20 or $10 or any donation. Interval Refreshments provided
  4. The ABM Lamington Drive is on again. $14 for 2 dozen of mini size and $12 for 1 dozen of regular size. Please add your order to the form at the back of the church. Last day to order Sunday 30 June. Orders will be available for collection on Sunday 14 July.
  5. It has been announced that Fr Keith Dalby, formally a priest of Adelaide Diocese, and now Rector of St John’s Gordon, Sydney, will be the next bishop of the Murray.
  6. One of our ciboria (the container used to hold the breads for mass) has been damaged. It is a lovely piece of silverwork, but the repairs will cost $800. If anyone can help with the cost, it would be gratefully received.