1. Welcome to St George’s. Please tick off or write your name on the list as you enter. A reminder to socially distance. Please put any offertory envelopes or money in the plate by the side door. We give the peace by bowing at others. The communion will only be given out in the form of the bread for the time being. If you use the hall, please tidy up your chair and clean your own cup after use. We now have a covid marshal at each mass with a white arm band, and the name of the marshal is on the attendance list.
  2. The choir is using the mass setting known as the missa primitiva, so called because it uses some very early (hence called primitivita) chant music. the first hymn the choir will sing today is Jam Lucis Orto. this is the ancient morning office hymn from the 8th C,
  3. We are looking for some medium terracotta pots (or terracotta coloured plastic pots) for use in the garden. If you have time do wander over and look at the front of the Rectory, our wonderful wisteria is out in blossom at the moment. This was planted by Fr Wise, we think over a hundred years ago.
  4. We have now received now $6,040 in donations for the organ repairs. Our goal was $5775. My thanks for the generous response. We will hold the balance to pay for any further repairs and maintenance.
  5. Lamingtons will be available for collection today, Sunday September 20.
  6. Planned Giving Envelopes for the year from 4 October 2020 are available on the table at the back of church.