1. Welcome to St George’s. Please tick off or write your name on the list as you enter. A reminder to socially distance, please leave a whole pew in between yourself and the next people. Please put any offertory envelopes or money in the plate by the side door. We give the peace by bowing at others. Please leave space at the communion rail. However, the communion will only be given out in the form of the bread for the time being. If you use the hall, please tidy up your chair and clean your own cup after use.
  2. On Tuesday mornings we are having a regular gardening session. There is a mass at 10 am and we usually get coffee up the street afterwards, then a bit of garden work, and if you can spare some time for a bit of gardening (or brass cleaning) please join us on Tuesday morning.
  3. Parish council meets today after the 10 am mass.
  4. We need some significant repairs to our organ, to the cost of $5775 – any help with donations would be gratefully received.