1. Welcome to all, who have come to join us today. Please register your name as you enter. A reminder to socially distance, and space yourselves at the altar rail. We give the peace by bowing at others. The communion will only be given out in the form of the bread for the time being.
  2. On Tuesday 2 February we will have a confirmation at our 10 am mass.
  3. Ash Wednesday is the 17 February – time to bring in your palm crosses to be burnt!
  4. It is planned to resume our monthly studies on the last Sunday of the month, the next being the 28 February. This one will be on the Prayer Book. If you ever wanted to know the history and structure, this one hour session after the 10 am mass is a great opportunity.
  5. The Cell of Our Lady of Walsingham meets next on Saturday, 6 February at 9 am.
  6. These are the dates for the Chant Group for this term: The first meeting will be on Thursday 4 February from 7.30 – 8.30 pm in the Parish Hall. Since Holy Week is during term time this year, the last meeting will be on 25 March.