1. On this Friday 23 October, at 6 pm we are having a Taizé service with Mother Joan Claring Bould. This is a quiet meditative style of worship. Mother Joan has been running these for many years at the Cathedral, and is well known in this parish as a past student here.
  1. Welcome to St George’s. Please tick off or write your name on the list as you enter. A reminder to socially distance. We give the peace by bowing at others. The communion will only be given out in the form of the bread for the time being. If you use the hall, please tidy up your chair and clean your own cup after use. At long last we can resume singing the hymns!
  2. Fr Scott will be away between Monday and Friday. There will be no masses on Wednesday and Friday.
  3. Lectionaries for 2021. Today is the last day to order. Order form at back of Church.
  4. Calendars are available for those who have ordered them.
  5. Monday, 2 November, is the great feast of All Souls, where we particularly pray for all the departed. There will requiem masses that day at 8 and 10 am. Please write any names you want remembered on the list available at the back of the church. Note that all who died in the last twelve months should already be on the list – check before adding them again. The usual monthly requiem for all whose anniversaries fall in November will be on Friday 6 November.