1. Please check the draft roster of the next three months at the back of the church.
  2. Our thanks for those who supplied soup and bread for the winter months. It’s such a good chance to have time and warming food together once a month, and I thank everyone for their support.
  3. Coulthard Fund meets this Sunday 19 August at 11 am.
  4. Quire St Nicolas will be having a recital of Song and Verse at 3 pm on Sunday 26 August 2018 at St John’s Halifax St Adelaide.  This will commemorate those who died in World War 1.
  5. Weekly giving envelopesfor the next 12 months commencing October are now available at the back of the church. Please take a packet. (It does not matter if the number on your new packet does not match the old one). The discipline of regular giving and prayer is an important part of our spiritual lives.