Date:                  28.05.2017         Ascension Year 1

Mass Setting:     The St Margaret’s Setting    John Jordan(1941 – 2012)

Propers:              Lalemant pp. 143, 145

Psalm:                47     Chant:        T.S. Dupuis

Gospel Acclamation:   Norah Duncan

Gospel sentence:

‘Go, make disciples of all the nations;

I am with you always; yes, to the end of time.’


P:      351

O:     296

C:      358   (second tune)

F:      134

Communion Anthem:  Where the appointed sacrifice     (NEH 312)

Postlude:            Herzlich lieb’ hab’ ich dich, O Herr       JS Bach

Organist & Director of Music:            Sarah Clay

Hymn numbers are from the New English Hymnal