Date:                           25.02.2018         Lent 2 Year B

Mass Setting:      Holy Communion Series 3   Peter Aston (1938 – 2013)

Propers:              Lalement p. 48, 50

Psalm:                116 vss 11 – 18   Chant: T. Bennett

Gospel Acclamation:   Psalms for Sunday p. 207

Gospel sentence:

‘From the bright cloud the Father’s voice was heard.

This is my Son, listen to him.’


I:       The Litany

O:     400   t: 167

C:      389

F:      238

Anthem:    Christ upon the mountain peak    NEH 177

Organist:   Sarah Clay

Organist & Director of Music:            Sarah Clay

Hymn numbers are from the New English Hymnal