Date:                           19.08.2018          OS20B

Mass Setting:              The Addington Service         Richard Shephard b. 1949

Propers:                      Lalemant pp. 234, 236

Psalm:                         Psalms for Sunday p. 140

Gospel Acclamation:  Psalms for Sunday p. 206

Gospel sentence:

‘The Word was made flesh and livedamong us;

to all who did accept him ha gave power to become childrenof God’


I:       336

O:     333

C:      276        (tune ii)

F:      413

Anthem:                      Bread of the world in mercy broken      NEH 277

Postlude:                     Jesu, meine Freude     JG Walther (1684 – 1748)

Director of Music:            Sarah Clay

Hymn numbers are from the New English Hymnal