Date:                           25.10.2020          OS30A

Mass Setting:              The Salisbury Setting   

                                    Ian Hubbard/Neil Cocking

Propers:                      Lalemant pp. 271, 273

Psalm:                         Parish Book of Psalms p. 368 – 369 (sheet)

Gospel Acclamation:  Psalms for Sunday p. 201

Gospel sentence:

‘Open our heart, O Lord, to accept the words of your Son.’


I:                                     238

O:                                   408      (first tune)

C:                                    419

F:                                    433      (omit *)

Anthem:                      God is Love  NEH 513

Postlude:                    Wir Christenleut  JG Kauffmann  (1679 – 1735)

Date:                           01.11.2020          All Saints

Mass Setting:              The Salisbury Setting   Ian Hubbard/Neil Cocking

Propers:                      Lalemant pp. 314, 316

Psalm:                         Psalms for Sunday p. 196

Gospel Acclamation:  Psalms for Sunday p. 201

Gospel sentence:

‘Come to me, all you who labour and are overburdened, and I will give you rest, says the Lord.’


P:                   197

O:                   295

C:                   341

F:                   225           

Anthem:                      Adoremus in Aeternum  (Plainchant)

Postlude:                    Allein zu dir, Herr Jesus Christ  Johann Pachelbel  (1653 – 1706)

Organist:                     Sarah Clay