Date:                           09.12.2018          Advent 2 Year C

Mass Setting:              The Walsingham Setting John Jordan 1949 – 2012

Propers:                      Lalemant pp. 4, 6

Psalm:                         126                      Chant: R. Woodward

Gospel Acclamation:  Psalms for Sunday p. 206 no. 9

Gospel sentence:

‘Prepare a way for the Lord and make hispaths straight,

and all people shall see the salvation ofour God.’


I:       15

O:     16

C:      408        first tune

F:      3            second tune

Communion Anthem: This is the truth sent from above trad. arr. R.V. Williams

Postlude:                    Benedictus from ‘Messe pour les Paroisses’ Couperin 1668 – 1733

Organist:                     Sarah Clay