Dogura Cathedral PNG – St George’s has many connections to PNG and Dogura is one place where some of our members have worked.

At St George’s we put out a few handouts regularly about news in the wider church and society. It keeps us informed and helps us develop the faith. Many of these come from current articles on line. Here are a few:

Here is a link to the importance of liturgical art.

Here is a link to an article in the Church Times about the latest statement by ARCIC III

Here is a reflection on the Infant of Prague.

Here is a link to a report about the Church of England’s plan to build more churches.

Here is a link to a relection about mission and the ministry of the Anglo-Saxon saints.

Here is a link to an interview given by the Burmese Cardinal Bo about the situation in Burma and the recent visit by the pope.

Here is a link to a Benedictine reflection on tiredness.

Here is a link about escaping holding hands in a prayer circle.

Here is an article from the Church times about the problems in London aver the musician’s church

Here is an article looking at the history of the Anglican Church if it is Protestant or Catholic.

Here is an article about childlessness and how too often the church does not reach out to those marginalised.

Here is a relection on Rememberance Day.

Here is a link ot an article “Can Anglo Catholic churches grow?”

Here is a link to a reflection about the problems the Archbishop of Canterbury will face in 2018.

Here is a story about Christmas in Mosul, Iraq.

Here is a link about the Anglican church planting trees in Burundi.

Here is a link about night church ministry in England.

Here is a link to an article called St Francis – Suffering, Abuse of Power and the Love of God by the Rt Revd Dr David Walker, Bishop of Manchester.

Here is a link to a short discussion about Atonement theories by Ben Pugh – a easy to read good introduction.