the Marian shadow caused by the temporary lighting

St George’s publishes a magazine called the Messenger every three months. The next issue for March to May is now out.


From the Rector

Dear Friends

Lent is here again with its call for us to live lives that follow the way of the Cross. Usually this is by giving something up for Lent – a spiritual discipline so if we can be faithful in small things we will be able to be faithful in the larger challenges of life as well. A rule of life is always a good practice for this season as well. But we are all called to consider the traditional calls of this season: of prayer; fasting and almsgiving.

Do try and make an effort to come to one of our extra services in Lent. Besides the usual weekday masses we have the Stations of the Cross each Friday at 4:30 pm, a moving way to walk the way. The full list of Holy Week services appears in this magazine.

Our annual vestry meeting was held on 19 February and I congratulate our new warden, Lyn Dutton, who has been heavily involved with the parish for many years. Our parish council this year is Rowena Atkinson, Emily Harding, Iain Henderson and John Hokin. Ranjan Ponniah remains Rector’s Warden.

Our new chant group flourishes every Wednesday night at 7.30 under the expert guidance of Sarah Clay. It has been a great and easy way to learn about Gregorian chant. We are having a Tenebrae type service to try out our talents on Wednesday 5 April at 7.30 pm. This is a particularly beautiful service, with the slow extinguishing of candles while the Lamentations of Jeremiah are told with accompanying music and poems to enter into the spirit of Lent.

As a sign of the times I attended the naturalisation ceremony of the Tadong family in February. They moved from Malaysia some five years ago and I have enjoyed joining them on the journey from new migrants to Australian citizens. It is interesting to reflect on the birthplaces of some of our parishioners at the moment: besides Australians and the British Isles we have members from Malaysia, India, Nigeria and the Solomons.

On the 30 April we will have our St George’s Day celebrations, displaced by a week by Easter. Our guest preacher this year is the Rev’d Peter Sandeman, CEO of Anglicare SA. The mass that day is at 10.30 followed by a shared lunch.

God bless

Fr Scott

The Wiring

Between our Christmas and Chinese New Year, the order for the next lighting phase in the interior of the church has fallen a bit behind. We now have about half the lights up in the nave and some on the nave roof, showing the colour gradation that has been carefully designed. At the moment, this has left the sanctuary with practically no lights, except from our candles and tea lights. It made for a beautiful Christmas midnight mass, with all the tea lights throughout the church. However, in March we should get our next order and light will return to the sanctuary.

Fr Scott

Stations of the Cross

Every Friday in Lent

4.30 pm

Follow our Lord

on the Way to the Cross


Services on Sunday in Lent

8.00 am Low Mass

9.30 Sung Litany and Solemn High Mass

4.00 pm Evensong

according to the Book of Common Prayer

and Benediction



5 April

7.30 pm Wednesday

A Service of light and darkness with Gregorian chant.


9 April Palm Sunday

8.00 a.m. Mass

9.30 a.m. Blessing of Palms & Solemn Mass

4.00 p.m. Evensong & Benediction

10 April Holy Monday

6 p.m. Mass

9.00 p.m. Compline

11 April Holy Tuesday

10 a.m. Mass

9.00 p.m. Compline

12 April Holy Wednesday

8 a.m. Mass

9.00 p.m. Compline

13 April Maundy Thursday

12 noon Mass

7.30 p.m. Solemn Mass

The Watch of the Passion will be kept until Midnight

14 April Good Friday

10.00 a.m. Stations of the Cross

3.00 p.m. Mass of the Pre-Sanctified

5.00 p.m. Confessions


15 April Easter Eve

8 p.m. Vigil Mass

16 April Easter Day

8.00 a.m. Mass

9.30 a.m. Solemn Mass



Sunday 30 April

Mass at 10.30

Guest Preacher:

Rev’d Peter Sandeman

CEO Anglicare SA

Followed by a shared lunch.

The Palm Sunday Prayer

Almighty God, Father of us all,

we remember how our Lord, your only son Jesus Christ was hailed and glorified as he rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

He came not at the head of an all-conquering army.

Not aboard a magnificent chariot.

Not astride a great warhorse,

but sitting upon that most humble of beasts – a donkey.

He who is the greatest of us all came in humility and in peace.

His followers that day were not dressed for battle;

they were not trained in the arts of war.

Yet he came with the greatest weapon that this world has ever known:

the person and the word of God.

We remember how the cheers and hallelujahs

that greeted our Lord that day turned all too soon

to the cries of hate and ridicule that only he and you knew were to lead to his predestined agony.

And yet he came.

For generations unborn, he came;

for those who had gone before, he came;

for the sinners, he came;

for the innocent, he came.

For us, he came.

And for that, Lord we give our thanks.

We thank you for the courage and selflessness of your Son who came as a man to ride a donkey to certain agony, death and glory.

Almighty God, we pray that you will help us as we strive to be worthy of the great torment that our Lord so willingly rode to face that day.

Graham J Evans.

With lighting on our minds…

It was reported in “The Messenger” of January 1921, as Fr Wise began a prolonged visit to England, that it had been decided to install electric light in the rectory as part of a welcome home gift, and that the wardens were appealing for funds. There was also an appeal for volunteers “to assist with this job”.

By September 1921 the installation of electric light was complete. The cost, together with that of some general refurbishment, was 85 pounds, an amount somewhat in excess of the original estimates!

After this, plans were soon underway to replace the gas lighting in the church with electricity. Upon his return from England Fr Wise advised that he proposed to donate about 35 pounds for the electric light fittings as a thank offering for his splendid holiday.

At the end of 1922 it was hoped that the installation electric light would soon take place. A few months later, in March 1923, the work had happily been “…excellently done by the firm of Dankel & Co., of Electricity House, Rundle Street. The work and the fittings are the best we could procure and thanks to the great generosity of our very good friends Mr and Mrs Harry Bickford, it is all paid for”.

Some 37 years later, on 18th November 1960, disaster was narrowly averted. While chairs were being returned to the church after a concert it was noticed that, due to an electrical fault, conduits in the church roof were smouldering. Hasty action and a night vigil prevented serious structural damage or worse. Electricity Trust investigators reported that “much re-wiring is required” and recommended the installation of fluorescent lights.

Now, with new wiring and lighting, we trust that all will be safe and secure for many years to come.

A Myriad of Memorials!

We do not like to do things by halves at St George’s. When it comes to memorials to the departed we have at least 362, and if the names on the War Shrine are included, this figure rises to 496. Commemorative items range from a cope to a garden seat, from marble slabs in the floor to stained glass windows and pictures. Names of the departed are also to be found on memorial boards in the Lady Chapel and baptistery, the columbarium, nave pews, shrines, and sundry other items.

The earliest memorial item we have is most likely the prayer desk in front of the pulpit. This carries a plaque with the inscription “In loving memory of Thomas Daniel Down 22 May 1849 – 1 April 1901” and may have come from the old church. The most recently acquired memorial is the small round table by the priest’s chair in the sanctuary. This was given in memory of Euphemia Henderson.

When I set out to record the memorials, I had no idea of the mammoth task that lay ahead (which was just as well or I might not have started!). But there is now a record of every memorial inscription, together with a description of the item on which it occurs and its location. Names of those commemorated are also listed in alphabetical order. These records are updated as required.

I wonder if the number of our memorials can be rivalled by any other parish church in Australia?

Emily Harding

Street Works

The Unley Council has been working over the last year to upgrade Goodwood Road between the tram line and the Church. This will mean a significant improvement to the outside appearance of the church. Already the Stobie poles have come down and new paving will be laid in the next few months. Parish Council hopes also to improve the drainage from the church near the main entrance – at the moment it is an open drain of a rather crumbling texture. We have already restored the War Shrine outside the church, thanks to the state and federal government grants. The next stage by Unley council will be new paving in front of the church in the coming months.

Some Thoughts

Lenten practices of giving up pleasures are good reminders that the purpose of life is not pleasure. The purpose of life is to attain to perfect life, all truth and undying ecstatic love – which is the definition of God. In pursuing that goal we find happiness. Pleasure is not the purpose of anything; pleasure is a by-product resulting from doing something that is good. One of the best ways to get happiness and pleasure out of life is to ask ourselves, ‘How can I please God?’ and, ‘Why am I not better?’ It is the pleasure-seeker who is bored, for all pleasures diminish with repetition.”

Look on us, Holy Spirit,

and give us for our hallowing,

thoughts that pass into prayer,

prayer that passes into love

and love that passes into life with you forever.

Author unknown

Prayer is the inner space in your life where you stand before God. Even though all your life is lived with Him, there must be opportunities for wasting time together.

Dame Maria Boulding OSB

Lent invites us to jump off the hamster wheel of consumption and experience the pinch of abstaining from thoughtless indulgence.


As Lent is the time for greater love, listen to Jesus’ thirst … ‘Repent and believe’ Jesus tells us. What are we to repent? Our indifference, our hardness of heart. What are we to believe? Jesus thirsts even now, in your heart and in the poor — He knows your weakness. He wants only your love, wants only the chance to love you.

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

Fellowship Group

Our fellowship group meets once a month on the first Tuesday of the month at 1 pm for a short talk and social afternoon tea. It’s open to all and sundry.

Cell of Our Lady of Walsingham

The next meeting of the Cell of Our Lady of Walsingham will meet on Saturday 13 May 2017 at 9 am for a mass and shared breakfast at the rectory.

Gregorian Chant Group

Our group meets weekly on Wednesday nights 7.30 to 8.30 with our Director of Music Sarah Clay. This is a great way to learn how to sing chant, the most ancient music of the Church. It’s not hard, but fun.

From the Register

We give thanks for the lives and witnesses of three parishioners over the last few months.

Mary Waples died on 5 December. Mary had been a long-time member here, helping with flowers and a member of the choir. Roma Winn died on 15 December Roma had been president of the Fellowship Group and Parish Secretary. Then on 3 January June Sandow died. June had been a stalwart for many years here involved in study groups and the Fellowship group. We will particularly miss her quizzes at the start of our year meeting.

We have also had two baptisms of late; of Eliza Watkins and Sophie Sutcliffe.

Special Birthday

Last December we also had the 90 birthday of Audrey Rodger. Audrey has been at St George’s since her school days and has been the great kitchen hand for many years. Owing to ill health she has not been able to attend lately but she is still very much part of the parish.


Check out our website at – it has been completely redone with links to all the different activities in the parish.


Well-known Easter hymns, but they have had their words jumbled up.

  1. lla oyrlg audl and orouhn
  2. lla nveaeh arlsdcee
  3. nda acn ti eb
  4. eb lstli nda nkwo hatt i ma ogd
  5. eb tllsi fro teh erscnepe fo eht rdol
  6. earebht no em tabahr fo gdo
  7. hrsict het rlod si eisnr ydaot
  8. ofmr anehev ouy ocme
  9. eh si rdol
  10. i ecandd ni eht grnnimo
  11. i oknw taht ym rdemreee eilsv
  12. amke wya, amek awy
  13. onrmnig ahs eonkrb
  14. deri no, ider no ni mateysj
  15. Kroc fo gsae
  16. eth dol rgdeug srcos
  17. heter si a negre illh raf awya
  18. tnihe eb teh lgoyr
  19. eerw ouy heter
  20. enwh i rsevuy the dunroswo ocsrs


See answer on page 10



1            ASH WEDNESDAY

2            Chad, Bishop of Lichfield, Missionary, 672

5            LENT 1

7            Perpetua and her Companions, Martyrs at Carthage, 203

8            Ember Wednesday

8            Edward King, Bishop of Lincoln, 1910

8            John of God, Worker among the Sick and poor, Spain, 1550

8            Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy, Priest, Poet, 1929

9            Sister Emma SSA, Superior of the Society of the Sacred Advent, Queensland, 1939

10          Ember Friday

11          Ember Saturday

12          LENT 2

17          Patrick, Bishop of Armagh Missionary, Patron of Ireland, c460

18          Cyril, Bishop of Jerusalem, Teacher of the Faith, 386

19          LENT 3

20          Cuthbert of Lindisfarne, Bishop and missionary (d. 687) or 4th Sept.

21          JOSEPH OF NAZARETH (from 19th)

22          Thomas Ken, Bishop of Bath & Wells, Teacher, 1711

24          Paul Couturier, Ecumenist, 1953

24          Walter Hilton of Thurgartan, Augustian Friar, Mystic, 1396

24          Oscar Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador, Martyr, 1980


26          LENT 4 – Mothering Sunday

27          The Annotine Easter 2015

31          John Donne, Priest, Poet, 1631


1            Frederick Denison Maurice, Priest, Teacher of the Faith, 1872

2            LENT 5 – Passion Sunday

6            Frederick Barker, Bishop of Sydney and pioneer of theological education and the General Synod, 1882

8            Georgina Molloy, pioneer church leader and botanist from Western Australia, 1843

9            PALM SUNDAY


14          GOOD FRIDAY

15          HOLY SATURDAY

16          EASTER DAY

23          EASTER 2

24          The Seven Martyrs of the Melanesian Brotherhood, Solomon Islands, 2003

25          ANZAC DAY


28          Peter Chanel, Religious, missionary in the South Pacific, Martyr, 1841

29          Catherine of Siena, Mystic, Teacher, 1380

30          GEORGE, MARTYR, PATRON SAINT, c304 (from 23rd)



2            Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria, Teacher of the Faith, 373

4            English Saints & Martyrs of the Reformation Era

7            EASTER 4

8            Julian of Norwich, Mystic, Teacher, c1417

12           Gregory Dix, Priest, Monk, Scholar, 1952 October George Bell, Bishop of Chichester, Ecumenist, Peacemaker, 1958

14          EASTER 5

16          Caroline Chisholm, Social Reformer, 1877

19          Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury, Restorer of Monastic Life, 988

20          Alcuin of York, Deacon, Abbot of Tours, 820

21          EASTER 6

24          John & Charles Wesley, Priest, Evangelists, Hymn Writers, 1792 & 1788

25          The Venerable Bede, Priest, Monk at Jarrow, Scholar, Historian, 735

26          Augustine, First Archbishop of Canterbury, 605

26          John Calvin, Reformer, 1564

28          ASCENSION (from 25)

28          Lanfranc, Prior of Le Bec, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1089

30          Joan of Arc, Visionary, 1431

30          Josephine Butler, Social Reformer, 1906

30          Apolo Kivebulaya, Priest, Evangelist in Central Africa, 1933



1            Justin, Martyr at Rome, c165

1            Laying of Foundation Stone of Rectory 1907

3            Martyrs of Uganda, 1886 & Janani Luwum, Archbishop of Uganda, 1977

3            John XXIII, bishop of Rome, reformer, 1963

4            PENTECOST

Answer to Hymn Jumble

  1. All Glory Laud and Honour
  2. All Heaven Declares
  3. And can it be
  4. Be still and know that I am God
  5. Be still for the presence of the lord
  6. Breathe on me breath of God
  7. Christ the lord is risen today
  8. From Heaven you came
  9. He is lord
  10. I danced in the morning
  11. I know that my redeemer lives
  12. Make way, make way
  13. Morning has broken
  14. Ride on, ride on in majesty
  15. Rock of ages
  16. The old rugged cross
  17. There is a green hill far away
  18. Thine be the glory
  19. Were you there
  20. When I survey the wondrous cross


In Praise of the Birds

St George’s is also blessed by its birdlife. We have had a family of magpies living here as long as anyone can remember, always singing most beautifully. They often nest in the trees in the front of the Rectory. As well we have miners who nest here: admittedly less popular with their defensive habits. During the year we have visiting kookaburras, rosellas and at night a Mopoke Owl. The rosellas have appreciated particularly the new fruit trees and time their visit, it seems, to fruiting season. In winter we have the occasional duck – one which laid an egg on the lawn once!

Fortunately, the cats here on site are so old they live in harmony with the birds.

Request for University Costs help

I have received a request from Bishop Nathan Ingen of Papua New Guinea to see if anyone can help with the costs of his son’s university accommodation – please see me if you can assist. Fr Scott


Parish Office Holders

Priest’s Warden            Ranjan Ponniah                                      8272 5835

People’s Warden          Lyn Dutton                                            8357 2895

Director of Music         Sarah Clay                                        0488 133 645

Parish Treasurer           Emily Harding                                       8261 0332

Fellowship Group        Lyn Dutton                                            8357 2895

Parish Priest: Fr Scott Moncrieff

St George’s Rectory

34 Angus Street, Goodwood, SA, 5034.

Telephone 08 82729495



Sunday Services

8.00 am        Mass

9.30 am        Solemn Sung Mass, followed by morning tea

5.00 pm        Evensong (BCP) and Benediction

Weekday Services

Monday                                   Fr Scott’s Day Off

Tuesday           10.00 am        Mass, followed by morning tea

Wednesday                             7.30 am            Matins

8.00 am        Mass

Thursday          12 noon          Mass

Friday                 4.45 pm        Evensong

5.15 pm        Mass English Missal

Saturday            7.30 am        Matins

8.00 am        Mass

A monthly requiem is held on the first free Friday of the month, when all whose year’s mind falls in that month and the recently departed are remembered and prayed for.

Confessions are heard by appointment.