Gregorian Chant Group

The Chant Group will resume on this Wednesday 24 July. We have been singing the whole of the Salve Regina as well as our new Kyrie, as well as the Venite (Psalm 95) and ‘Into thy hands O Lord.’ Details and youtube links  below.

Next term we’ll start preparing for our September Compline service (date to be finalised soon). In addition to this, new items will include the hymn Ubi Caritas and a Gloria to add to our Kyrie, as well as chants already learnt.

Here are the youtube links of other recent material..

  1. Salve Regina
  2.  Psalm 134 (133)
  3.  Lumen ad Revelationem Gentium  (Nunc Dimittis)
  4.  Te Lucis ante Terminum  Festal Tone

We will not meet on the 10 and 17 of July.

New members most welcome. Please contact Sarah Clay (Director of Music) 0488 133 645 We meet weekly during school terms at 7.30 to 8.30 pm.