Gregorian Chant Group

Our chant group has resumed on Wednesdays in the Parish Hall. We meet next on 18 September at 7.30 pm.

We are preparing for the Michaelmas Compline Service on Wednesday 25 September at 7.30 pm in the church.  If you’d like to get your music organised in advance, here it is:

Hymn, Christ the Fair Glory of the Holy Angels (NEH 190 first tune)

Psalm 4 Answer me when I call O God of my righteousness, with Alleluia antiphon

Responsary, Into thy hands O God (EH 739)

Nunc Dimittis with antiphon Salva Nos


There are plenty of spare copies. Here are a couple of youtube links:

Nunc+Salva Nos


And here is a good link on how to pronounce the Pater Noster and Ave Maria in vulgate Latin.

We have been singing the whole of the Salve Regina as well as our new Kyrie, as well as the Venite (Psalm 95) and ‘Into thy hands O Lord.’ Details and youtube links  below.

Here are the youtube links of other recent material..

  1. Salve Regina
  2.  Psalm 134 (133)
  3.  Lumen ad Revelationem Gentium  (Nunc Dimittis)
  4.  Te Lucis ante Terminum  Festal Tone

New members most welcome. Please contact Sarah Clay (Director of Music) 0488 133 645 We meet weekly during school terms at 7.30 to 8.30 pm.