We are a small and relaxed group who enjoy coming together to read Greek texts from the early Christian era and the Septuagint (Old Testament). In the last year or two we have read the books of Tobit and Esther,  the Proto-euangelion of James, Letters from Ignatius to Polycarp,  Fragments of Papias, Shepherd of Hermas (part), and the Didache. The group is currently reading the book of Daniel. We meet for an hour from 9.45am on Thursday mornings in the Parish Hall during the academic semesters. We welcome new members. (Don’t hold back if you think your Greek is not “up to scratch” – we help one another).

The next meeting is Thursday 27 July at 9.45 am in the Parish Hall. We continue our exploration of the Book of Daniel.

If you are interested in joining us, please phone Emily on 82610332 for further information.