Gregorian Chant Group

We meet next on Wednesday 22 November at 7.30 in the parish hall, and will go through until 13th December.

With Advent only a couple of weeks away, it’s time to introduce some Advent chant into our singing this evening, beginning with the well known hymn ‘Creator alme siderum.’  It is the office hymn for the evening service, and dates from the 7th century.  It’s found in the New English Hymnal no. 1.  The tune is simplicity itself.  We’ll sing it first in English then later on in Latin.

Here it is in Latin.

Our psalm for Advent is 126 (125), When the Lord restored the fortunes of Sion.

We will carry on learning the Salve Regina solemn tone – we’re nearly at the end of this wonderful 11th century composition.  Here is a link.

Soon it will be time  for the Marian antiphon for Advent, Christmas and the period after Christmas that takes us up to Candlemas – Alma Redemptoris Mater.  Like the other Marian antiphons, it has a simple and more elaborate solemn version.  We will sing the simple version, which can be heard here.

And here is a summary of the other Advent and Christmas chant for singing and for listening to right up until when we stop for our summer break on December 13th:

Canticle: The Magnificat (in English)

Hymns: Veni Redemptor Gentium (St Ambrose); Christe Redemptor Omnium (sometimes known as Jesu Resemptor Omnium

…and O Come O Come Emanuel in Latin!

We’ll listen to the best known Christmas antiphons, Puer Natus Est, and Hodie Christus Natus Est.


There will be a confirmation service on Saturay 25 November, the eve of Christ the King, at 6 pm followed by a shared dinner. This will be taken by the Archbishop, Geoffrey Smith.

This Sunday

This Sunday the 26 November is the last Sunday before Advent, the Feast of Christ the King.  Mass is at 8 am, Solemn Sung Mass at 9.30 followed by morning tea in the hall. The 8 am mass has no hymns and a sermon while the 9.30 mass has hymns with a choir and a sermon.  Evensong will be at 4 pm – this is just a said service.

Vestry Meeting

this is a vestry meeting to consider the budget, and the AGMs of the Education Association and Coulthard Fund on 11 am on Sunday 26 November, 2017.

Fellowship Group

The final meeting of the St George’s Fellowship Group will be held on Tuesday 5 December at 1 pm. Father Scott will give us his Christmas message, after which we will share afternoon tea. You are all most welcome to join us.

Parish Council

Parish Council meets next on Sunday 10 December at 11 am.

Christmas Services

The popular children’s service will be at 6 pm on Christmas Eve. This is suitable for young children, and will last about 30 minutes.

There will be the midnight mass starting at 11 pm and one mass on Christmas day, at 9 am.

Cell of Our Lady of Walsingham

This meets next on Saturday 3 February at 9 am for mass followed by a shared breakfast.

Education Association

This meets next Sunday 4 February, 2018 at 11 am.

Oblates’ Quiet Day

The Benedictine Oblates will start 2018 with a quiet day at Brighton on 10 February, the feast of St Scholastica.

Greek Group

The next meeting will now not be until 2018, in the Parish Hall. We will continue our reading of the Book of Job in Greek.