Gregorian Chant Group

The Gregorian Chant Group  is an informal group meeting on Wednesday evenings from 7.30 to 8.30 to explore the wonderful repertoire of plainchant.

*Please note that the group will be in recess over the school holidays, 4th and 11th October.  We will resume on 18th October.*
Our chant this week will be as follows:
Starting with Psalm 134 (133) with its antiphon, Miserere mihi Domine
The Magnificat, not confined to Marian feasts such as last week’s Our Lady of Sorrows, but sung daily throughout the world for many centuries.
We’ll revisit the Stabat Mater, listening to the other plainchant version, see here.
Our hymn will be ‘Nocte Surgentes’ (NEH 149 tune i), the Sunday morning office hymn from Trinity to Advent, whose tune also serves to carry the splendid Michaelmas hymn ‘Christ the Fair Glory of the Holy Angels.’
We will finish learning the Nunc Dimittis and press on with the Salve Regina Solemn Tone.
I hope we can go over again to the church on the 27th to sing the psalm, the Magnificat, the Nunc and the Salve Regina (Solemn or Simple) and especially in time for Michaelmas on the 29th, Christ the Fair Glory.

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday.  After our break, our new chants will include the Ave Maria, more psalms and the hymn Ubi Caritas est vera, and then it will soon be Advent!

This Sunday

This Sunday is the the Feast of Our Lady of Walsingham.  Mass at 8 am, Solemn Sung Mass at 9.30 followed by morning tea in the hall. The 8 am mass has no hymns and a sermon while the 9.30 mass has hymns with a choir and a sermon.  Evensong and Benediciton will be at 4 pm – this is just a said service.

Fellowship Group

The next meeting of the St George’s Fellowship Group will be held on Tuesday 3 October at 1 pm. We will conclude with afternoon tea as usual.

Greek Group

The next meeting is Thursday 5 October, after our two weeks off, at 9.45 am in the Parish Hall. We continue our exploration of the Book of Daniel.

Monthly Requiem

Friday 6 October 2017 is our next monthly requiem at 5.15 pm. We pray for all those whose year’s mind falls in the current month and any other names people wish to be especially remembered.

Parish Council

Parish Council meets next on Sunday 8 October at 11 am.

Benedictine Oblates

This group meets next on Saturday 21 October at 11 am for mass, followed by a shared lunch in the hall.

Cell of Our Lady of Walsingham

This meets next on Saturday 4 November at 9 am for mass followed by a shared breakfast.

Education Association

This meets next Sunday 5 November at 11 am.