This Sunday – Mothering Sunday – Refreshment Sunday

This Sunday, 26 March, marks Lent 4, Refreshment of Mothering Sunday with the singing of the Story of the Cross for the Litany, as well as the blessing and distribution of the famous Simnel Cake in memory of Holy Mother church and our earthly mothers.

Gregorian Chant Group

Chant group meets next on 29 March.

We will continue to prepare for the Tenebrae service on Wednesday 5th April at 7.30pm, starting with the Reproaches from the beginning and completing Part One. Next we’ll learn the remaining middle verses of the Stabat Mater.  Here is a nice recording of this hymn sung by a frozen looking Polish church congregation, with lots of children taking part.
And to finish, our Lenten Marian antiphon, Ave Regina Caelorum and the office Compline hymn for Lent, O Christ who art the Light and Day (NEH 61).

Greek Group

The next meeting is Thursday 30 March at 9.45 am in the Parish Hall.
Fellowship Group
The next meeting of the Fellowship Group will be on Tuesday 4 April, starting at 1 pm. On this occasion we will help with the brass cleaning so all is ready for Holy Week and Easter. There will be plenty of opportunity for conversation, and of course afternoon tea, so do join us if you can.
We will be holding a Tenebrae type service for Lent on Wednesday, 5 April at 7.30 pm. More details to come!

Monthly Requiem

Friday 7 April 2017 is our next monthly requiem at 5.15 pm. We pray for all those whose year’s mind falls in the current month and any other names people wish to be especially remembered.

Palm Sunday

We keep the traditional blessing and procession of palms on 9 April.

Parish Council

Parish Council meets next on Sunday 9 April at 11 am.

Holy Week Compline

A short service of copline will be held during Holy Week on Monday 10 April, Tuesday 11 April and Wednesday 12 April at 9 pm in the church.

Maundy Thursday

The liturgy of the last supper, washing of the feet and stripping of the altar will be on the 13 April at 7.30 pm. the warch of the passion will be kept till midnight.

Good Friday

Stations of the Cross at 10 am. At 3 pm will be the Mass of the Pre-sanctified and the veneeration of the Cross. Confessions will be held at 5 pm.


The Great Vigial Mass will be on Saturday 15 April at 8 pm. Easter Day massees will be 8 am and 9.30 am.

Benedictine Oblates

Our next mass and meeting is at St George’s at 11 am on 29 April.

St George’s Day

This year, owing to Easter, we will keep St George’s Day on Sunday 30 April with a special mass at 10.30 followed by a shared lunch. Deacon Peter Sanderman will be our guest preacher that day.
 ABM Film morning 
This is to be held on Wednesday 3 May at Capri Cinema, Goodwood. Film to be shown is a re-make of the old classic “Whisky Galore”. More details soon.

Cell of Our Lady of Walsingham

This meets next on Saturday 13 May at 9 am for mass followed by a shared breakfast.