Regular meetings of the oblates of the two Anglican Benedictine Communities in Australia are held at St George’s. We try and meet once a month to provide a support for those who are called to follow the Benedictine way whilst living in the world.

Our next meeting will be at the retreat house at Willunga on  8 June. Further details will be posted.

At our meeting in February we welcomed our new oblate Claudia Lucy.

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the oblates in South Australia and other states was held at St George’s on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 November.

This year we had our conference of oblates of CCK at St George’s on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 November.

Quiet House

A quiet house and garden is supplied by one of the oblates at Brighton, Adelaide. Contact Deacon Joan Teresa about this on 0403 351 477.

The group met there on 10 February for a quiet day.

This is a good little clip about oblates from PBS in the USA.

St Benedict’s Day

We will keep this the Saturday near the feast of St Benedict on 11 July.

St Benedict is considered by many to be the founding father of religious orders in the Western Church. The Rule that he wrote for his community of monks in the 5th century is still relevant in today’s world for monastics and lay people alike.

Throughout the year St George’s offers hospitality to a group of oblates – lay people associated with a religious order – for whom the Rule of St Benedict provides a guide for daily living in ordinary life.Each year we invite members of religious orders, together with oblates and associates, to join us for a Mass in honour of St Benedict. This is followed by a shared lunch in the Parish Hall.

In 2017 we had Archdeacon Michael Whting preach for us and the renewal of oblation vows. In 2018 the Archbishop will be our guest preacher.